When making our bed and organizing our bedroom we must bear in mind that, in sleep hygiene, all those habits that offer well-being to our rest, the decoration of our environment is one of the fundamental aspects to which we must pay attention . Not only our health when resting and sleeping depends on it, but adding an aesthetic touch to our bedroom, in addition to providing us with emotional well-being, will give personality and style to the rest environment that surrounds us. Now, we will see how to decorate our bed, what types of hangings are used, how to place pillows or cushions, and how we can mix different colors to achieve simple and striking aesthetic compositions.

When it comes to decorating our bed, we find countless preconceived ideas that, in the end, end up confusing us. Let’s see how a bed should be composed and decorated in general, starting from scratch. In all aesthetic composition we start with the search for a final objective; in this case, it will be your own taste.

The bed is mainly made up of its structure, whether metal or wood, exposed to the outside or covered, like the current mattress bases. The type of laying we will use depends on the structure of the bed, one that leaves some parts of the bed exposed, as in rustic wooden structures with backrests where it is worth highlighting the details of the carving, or a laying that completely covers the structure. of the bed, hiding it from the view of the observer. It is advisable to use lines that cover the entire structure when our bed is made up of mattress bases, since the purpose of these is to be hidden; however, if you have a bed whose construction details can add some aesthetic value to your overall bedroom decor, it’s worth starting designing from there.

The bed layouts, and the way we arrange them on it, will be the main basis of our decoration. At this time we must bear in mind that the decoration of our bed is a joint part of the aesthetic composition of our bedroom. Here we must take into account the sheets, the quilts or covers and, naturally, the pillows and their covers; because the different materials, colors and textures, added to the way we make the bed, will be the final aesthetic set that we will achieve.

First of all, let’s solve a fundamental question: should the bed be open or closed? Sleep hygiene recommends leaving it open, so that the mattress and the lines can breathe. Hence, in most of the bed decorations that we find, we see the quilts and bedspreads folded from the top to the center of the bed, leaving the upper part exposed, where the pillows will rest, and some parts of the sheet on top. duvet fold and under the cushions. If you prefer to leave your bed closed, without exposing the sheets to the observer, the decoration will focus on the combination between the duvet and the pillows. In any case, what should never be visible are the blankets or blankets on the line, only the fabrics of the sheets and quilts.

Leaving the bed open opens up many decoration possibilities, as the color and textures of the sheets come into play. In this case, it is advisable to contrast the colors of the sheets with the color of the bedspread or the duvet, if you prefer gray tones, white sheets with dark duvets will combine very well in minimalist or modern bedrooms. Specialists recommend the use of white sheets because they allow strong colors to stand out in various decoration styles. Likewise, you can find different types of composition in different color palettes; rustic or natural tones such as the range of dark browns and greens, with tree textures; classics such as the range of blues, whites and blacks, in textures of defined lines and patterns; the range of pastel tones, highly recommended for its ability to transmit tranquility at the time of rest. Achieving the balance in the contrast of the tones that we use in each range of colors is the key to mixing the colors in the decoration of our bed with respect to our bedroom.

Now let’s see how to arrange the pillows on the bed. Should they go horizontal or vertical? This depends on the type of laying that we used previously, open or closed; and the number of pillows and cushions we use. If we have preferred a closed bed, it is advisable to place the pillows horizontally, that is, lying on top of the bed; this will give the impression of minimalism, linearity and practicality in laying. If we have left the bed open, we must take into account the number of auxiliary cushions that we will place on the bed; Since, if we only have the two main pillows, it is preferable to place them horizontally, to expose the smallest surface of the sheet fabric. Open beds are usually used with several auxiliary cushions, in this case, the main pillows can be placed vertically, that is, resting on the back of the bed; around them we will arrange the auxiliary cushions to generate a sensation of volume and comfort.

We will make the final touch by adding a plaid at the bottom of the bed, on the quilt. This piece has become very common in bed decoration, it is a small rectangular blanket that covers the foot of the bed. Their objective is merely aesthetic and we can make them fit very well into our style. If we do not have a plaid, we can place some cushions at the foot of the bed, to aesthetically balance its volume.

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